About Ivy Mae Blake

Here at Ivy Mae Blake, we create the finest custom Soy-Coconut-Beeswax blend candles that will transform any space. Our aromas create an alluring and relaxing atmosphere in your home where you can unwind and find a moment of peace. From our 100% essential oil fragrances to our lead-free cotton braided wicks, our products redefine all-natural luxury. Our candles and aromatherapy products are free from artificial dyes and ingredients. You will enjoy a lighter, naturally-enticing aroma while burning a candle scented only with pure essential oils. 

Where did you get the name?

We named our business after our maternal grandmother, our original aromatherapy queen, and herbalist. Our love of beautiful fragrances stemmed from her love of experimentation. We learned so much about scent profiles and notes from her. We have translated her passion into moments of self-care for everyone who uses one of our candles. She was such a beautiful and generous woman who believed everyone should take a moment for themselves each day.

Thank you for including us in your moments of peace and comfort. And thank you for helping us continue mama's legacy.